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Types of domestic abuse

Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse is not just about physical abuse, it includes other behaviours such as emotional and psychological, sexual, financial, coercive control and isolating people.

It happens within intimate relationships as well as between family members. You are not to blame and you are not alone; there is help available and you can escape. A pattern of bullying and controlling behaviours form and most men do not believe or feel they are a victim until sometime after they no longer have control of their life and have become isolated.

The abuse tends to get worse over time and is rarely a one-off event. Abusers can be very manipulative in the way they use their power and control over you and may blame you and other factors for their abusive behaviours.

You are not alone; men from all backgrounds, professionals and sexualities are reaching out for help against domestic abuse. Government’s statistics show one in six men will be a victim in their lifetime and one in three of all victims of domestic abuse are men.
We have stories from some men, which can be viewed by clicking the links below, who have had the confidence to come forward in order to help build others with their (names have been changed to respect anonymity), along with a blog for you to be able to speak to others.

Graham’s Story

Sam’s Story


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